Tips for Storing Used Tyres in Your Garage

Storing tyres is an important concern for anyone who regularly works within a garage. As these items can be bulky, heavy and even dangerous, it is recommended that they are kept out of the immediate area while quick access is still possible. What are a handful of the best storage tips?Overhead OptionsThis is a perfect alternative for those with high ceilings. It should first be determined if the beams can handle the weight of multiple tyres. Also, spreading their weight around will cause the load to be dispersed. While a few layers of plywood above these beams can be sufficient, it is important to keep in mind that tyres with rims will weigh significantly more.Tyre RacksThese racks are another common way to store used tyres. The main benefit is that such assemblies will prevent the tyres from accidentally rolling out. Many of the best racks are quite lightweight and built of highly durable materials. Some contain wheels for streamlined movement and most can be placed into a corner or similar area where they will not present an obstruction.Avoid SunlightTyres are known to absorb a great deal of heat. While this is an important characteristic when driving, it can present a problem during their storage. The rubber will also dissipate this heat quickly. In turn, the tyres can dry out and crack over time. This drastically alters their levels of safety and flexibility. Most online sources recommend that they be stored in a cool and dry environment away from sunlight or excess heat. If this is still a concern, the tyres should be placed within plastic bags. This will help them retain adequate levels of moisture.By following these tips, you will be able to extend the lifespan of your tyres while storing them in the safest ways possible. Protecting these investments is an important concern for any car enthusiast.