Choosing the best tires for racing

To help you choose the right car tyres for your racing style, here are some factors to consider. Determine the right compoundsOn lower grip surfaces, you will generally want to follow the manufacturer’s compound recommendation. For instance, there are 13 different tyre compounds that are recommended for a particular track surface. As a general rule, the harder the tyre surface, the more abrasive the track so this will increase the lifespan of your tyre.Aftermarket tyres come in 3 additional compounds known as : urethane, silicone, and foam rubber. Remember the key to competitive racing is to choose stock rubber tyres as they tend to be better quality rubber. If you want further information and tips on choosing the right tyres, you should refer to this website.How to choose the right racing tyresSelecting between different brands within a category is a matter of personal preference and through trial and error. If you speak with a Michelin adviser, they will test the strengths and weaknesses of each racing tyre in order to help you select the most suitable ones. Take a look at this content and get further hints at When it comes to racing tyres, you should make sure they run on the track surface as a stopwatch is not going to lie whenever you are on the racetrack.