Five Tips When Owning a Large Garage

If you’re lucky enough to own a large garage you then you will know too well that keeping everything neat and organized in the space can be a bit of a chore. Whether you use your garage to store your prized cars or whether you utilize the space as a car workshop, there are a number of items that you can incorporate into the garage in order to help make it tidier, easier to clean and more attractive. We reveal five simple tips that will help all large garage owners to best make use of their garage space.Use Vertical Storage SpaceWhile it may be obvious to incorporate storage facilities like draws and compartments around the edge of the garage, another great way to maximize space is to make use of vertical storage too. There are a range of special storage walls available that will help you to neatly and efficiently store tools and other knick-knacks and have them within easy reach. Take a look a the Gladiator Garage Works for some great inspiration on vertical storage.Protect the FloorsGarage flooring is the first thing to get messy. You can save yourself plenty of time by investing in flooring which has been specifically designed for use in a large garage. This flooring will be durable, hard-wearing and extremely easy to clean. Choose the interlocking tile style of garage flooring so that you can easily install it yourself in your garage in just a few hours! Costco and Home Depot both stock a range of high quality and affordable garage flooring.Running WaterRunning water can be a huge help inside of any large garage. Chances are you will be working on cars or other projects which will get you mucky. Having running water inside of the garage lets you wash your hands, and clean areas of the garage, without having to carry large buckets of water from inside of the house. A professional plumber will be able to advise you on how best to have plumbing and a sink installed into your garage.Stringo Car MoversNo large garage is complete without a car mover. These fantastic high quality machines are designed to safely move vehicles inside of your garage without having to turn on their engines. Whether you need to move a small luxury vehicle or a large car that currently has no engine, there are Stringo car movers to suit all needs and budgets.Install an Automatic DoorFinally, an automatic door is a god-send for any owner of a large garage. They can be connected to a key fob so that you can automatically open them as you approach the garage from the inside of your car. Not only are they convenient, but they can also help to improve the safety of your garage too.So there you have it, five simple yet effective tips that will help to make your garage a better place. Enjoy!

Why Good Tyres are Important for Your Car’s Health

Changing oil, replacing spark plugs and preventing rust are all common ways to extend the lifespan of your vehicle. However, choosing the best tyres is another critical concern that is overlooked by many owners. To appreciate their importance, it is wise to take a quick look at how the very dimensions and materials used can have a drastic impact upon levels of safety and performance.TreadTyre tread is a major concern. Over time, these surfaces can become worn down. This condition is known as a “bald” tyre. There are two inherent problems when this occurs. First, slippage can present dangerous situations during emergency braking situations or when driving in poor weather. However, the tyre tread can actually decrease the efficiency of the vehicle and lead to higher petrol costs. If the tread is seen to be worn, it is best to replace the tyre or tyres in question.Driving ConditionsDifferent tyres are specifically intended to be used within certain conditions. It should first be obvious that city navigation will require an entirely different tyre than an off-road excursion. However, weather is another concern. For example, snow tyres retain their flexibility in cold conditions and their grooves are designed to provide extra grip when driving upon snow or ice. Without these tyres, the alignment of a car can be affected. In a worst-case scenario, skidding and accidents can be the end results.LongevityHow long a tyre will last can affect the safety and performance of your vehicle. As a general rule, all-season models will provide the highest levels of durability while specialty or racing variants can lose their tread and elasticity much quicker. It is therefore critical to know these factors in advance.These are three concerns which will all have a great impact upon the health of your vehicle. So, it is apparent that tyres represent the very foundation of safety and efficiency.

How Often Should you Buy New Tires?

There are no hard and fast rules of exactly when you should replace your tires and figuring it out can be a little tricky. Here are a few tips to help you know when you should buy new tires for your vehicle.By MileageThe average tire is good for about 40,000 miles before it starts to become unsafe. However, if the vehicle is particularly heavy, this figure might be reduced slightly. Other factors that can reduce the mileage of a tire include harsh weather conditions and poor driving surfaces. However, as a rule of thumb, check your tires carefully when you start to approach 40,000 miles.Measure the TreadThe tread on vehicle tires should always be a minimum of 1/16 of an inch deep. However, this figure should be doubled if the roads that you regularly drive on are icy or wet. Regular friction between your tires and the road will make the tires wear out over time. You can measure the tread of your tires using a penny, turning the penny so that the queen’s head faces towards the tires. Insert the penny between the tread and replace the tires immediately if the whole of the head is showing.Inspect the Sidewall for CracksThe tires sidewalls often get overlooked by motorists, but this is an important indication of whether or not the tires need replacing. Cracks in the sidewall have the appearance of dry rot and if they are present the tires are old and should be replaced. poor alignment can could the sidewalls to crack quickly, so make sure that the tires are perfectly aligned when they are fitted to help make them last longer.The Air Needs Topping Up OftenSigns that the tires on your vehicle need to be replaced are not always immediately obvious. If you find that you often need to put air in your tires, this is a good indication that you have a leak somewhere in the tires. Although the leak may be detectable by a professional, it is also a good indication that your tires need to be replaced. Check your tire pressure at least once every month to make sure that they are full of air.