What makes a good car tire

If you won’t invest in a good, reliable set of tires it doesn’t matter how fancy your car is, or how much time you’ve spent tinkering with all the optional extras. That’s why a change of tires is such a big deal on the professional racing circuit! After all, the tires are the part that will be driving on the road and supporting the wheels, and you can’t have a good building without a strong foundation.

changing tire in pitstopThis begs the question: how do you judge the quality of a tire?

Well, the great news is that when it comes to tires, technology just keeps getting better and better – which can do wonders even for the budget vehicle. Firstly, look at tire quality appropriate to your climate: if you’re expecting lots of rain, look at tires designed for wet handling, but focus on dry handling for more arid climes. Traction and temperature make a huge difference. Next, consider your needs: you know better than anyone the kind of driving that you will be doing.

Budget and replacement

How long do you feel a tire should last? Tread life is a very important factor, whether you’re looking to buy the same tires as before, or considering an upgrade. Look at the tire Quality Grading and the insured mileage of the tire to get an idea of how long it will last. Bear in mind that the exact life-span of a tire is affected by a lot of factors and is impossible to predict.

Speed rating and Ride quality

Consider your realistic driving speed – how much high-speed driving do you actually do, and does it justify the extra tire cost? Also consider the kind of terrain you will be driving over. A higher profile tire provides a smoother drive over uneven ground.Remember that you should consider environmental and personal driving factors before you invest in a new set of tires – research your needs, speak to the sales people and you won’t go wrong.